Sunday, January 27, 2013

Plaid Pendleton Robe

I saw this robe at the Salvation Army the other day, and I immediately grabbed it and put it into my basket. I didn't look it over too well, which is odd for me. I just knew it was the red tartan plaid that I love so much. I took it home and was about to toss it into the washing machine when I finally (duh!) realized it was 100% wool. That got my attention and I looked at the inside label. It's from Pendleton Woolen Mills, which is a company based out of Portland, Oregon.

Of course, the next thing I do is start researching online to see if this robe is vintage, valuable, or whatever. So far, I haven't found the same exact robe anywhere, but similar ones are vintage and from the 1960s. I've checked eBay and they seem to be running around $60 for similar robes. New robes from Pendleton can be as much as $228. I'm still going to hunt around to see if I can find more information on it. In the meantime, Rick said he'd drop it off at the dry cleaners for me. Like a dork, I didn't even look close enough to see that it was dry clean only. Not that it would have mattered because I'm sure I would have bought it anyway.

It's actually really cute and has a very unique cut to it. It's definitely a woman's robe, and it almost looks like it has shoulder pads by the way it's put together. It's very fitting when the tie is pulled tight. It has two lined pockets as well. What I really love about it is the length — it's long! I'm 5'8" and most so-called long robes come up to about my shins. This one goes all the way to my ankles. Without the tie, it could almost be worn as an overcoat. Regardless, it was a definite cool find for me.

Oh, and by the way — it only cost me $5.

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