Sunday, January 13, 2013

Like ... Oh My God!

We have over a foot and a half of snow at our house, with more coming between now and tomorrow. So, bundled from head-to-toe, I clunked my way into Target with my big snow stomper boots. What do I see? Bathing suits — and it's only January! But what really took me by surprise was this one pictured above. Yes, it really is ...


Not to sound like a valley girl or anything (although I kind of am), I squealed in delight and said, "Oh my God!" I mean, really ... a red plaid bikini? I know plaid has been around forever, and it seems to go through phases were it's cool or hip, but I was really surprised to see this. Not to mention the fact that it's January and about 15 degrees outside right now. Guess what I'm getting for my birthday next month! :)


  1. You mean you didn't buy one right away?

    1. LOL! Oh, I did, but made Rick put it away for my birthday. Need to work off some of these Christmas cookies first! :)